Your pizzeria
in the city center of Verona


Nothing is better than a good pizza and a fresh craft beer to share a moment with friends, between chatter and laughter. This is why we have studied our menu for a long time, to create “our” best version of “your” favorite pizza.

We make it with an indirect dough based on stone-ground flours, which preserve all parts of the grain of wheat, making the base not only tasty, but also nutritious. Thanks to a low salt content and 36-48 hour leavening, at controlled temperature and humidity, we are able to obtain a light and highly digestible pizza, with a marked wheat flavor.

The fillings are made with selected Italian ingredients and local excellences, to celebrate our territory. On the menu you can find a wide variety to meet everyone’s tastes, from the most classic to the most original and creative.

Furthermore, all our pizzas can be made with 100% wholemeal flour.

You can also find a cooking proposal, which brings the great recipes of the Italian tradition to the table.


To accompany the pizza, you can find a selection of craft beers, both on tap and bottled, with different styles and origins, such as the classic German Lager, Pils, Bitter and unfiltered German beers, but also English, Scottish or Belgian beers. A wide and varied assortment, to allow everyone to experiment with new combinations with our pizzas and our cuisine.

Our wine proposal, on the other hand, has a local imprint, which gathers numerous labels from the Veronese area, opening up to some other Italian references.


We are located in the heart of the historic center of Verona, five minutes walking distance from the Arena and the magnificent Piazza Bra.

The restaurant is housed in an elegant 19th century building, with a large garden that welcomes tables during the summer. We personally take care of this small green corner, a sort of hidden oasis, which gives our guests the pleasure of eating outdoors in nature, making them forget that they are in the heart of the city.

The rooms of the pizzeria are large and spacious. They have been recently renovated, playing with contemporary mirrors and paintings, to make the rooms bright, modern and welcoming.


Every day we work together, for lunch and dinner, between clouds of flour and rushing to get to the tables, with pizzas in hand and mugs of beer poised on the trays …

Over the years we have grown, we have shared many services and today we have become much more than a simple team: we are the family of Pizzeria Leon d’Oro.


Pietro coordinates the entire Leon D’Oro team, he welcomes you with enthusiasm every time you come to visit us.

Gigi has been part of the Leon d’Oro family for more than 10 years: he is the head pizza chef who coordinates the batches and leads Alessandro, Andrea e Flavio behind the counter!

Nenad, Delia e Nicole take care of the service and the guests, their smile and their kindness will accompany you every time you visit us at Leon D ‘Oro.

Vinoj e Thamel are our chefs who carefully prepare all the dishes that enrich your lunches.

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11 October 21

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Via Pallone 10/A
37121- Verona (VR) – Italy
045 8036658


Aperti tutti i giorni

Pranzo: 12:00 – 14:00
Cena: 19:00 – 22:30


Martedì tutto il giorno


Si consiglia alla nostra spettabile clientela di usare i parcheggi:
– CITTADELLA di Piazza Cittadella – 37122 Verona
– ARENA di Via M. Bentegodi, 8 – 37122 Verona
– VIA PALLONE, 37121 Verona